Siberut Island

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Siberut island is the largest island in the Mentawai Islands Regency. From Padang aboard a ship cruising takes approximately 10 hours. Mentawai indigenous communities who live in a culture of tradition is only in the interior of Siberut Island is Villages of Madobak, Ugai and Matotonan. To achieve the three villages that the path is usually through the river and the path to route-Muara Siberut Rokdok-Ugai-Madobak. distance Matotonan with 5-6 hours. The uniqueness of cultures, landscapes, historical relics and waves that form a huge ball of Mentawai make a paradise for surfers. they can also enjoy travel or trekking, tropical forests through the pristine, exploring areas not yet equipped with the infrastructure.

Madobak Village
Being one of tourist attraction to visit the Mentawai Islands because people here still maintain traditional culture and life in carrying out their daily living such as hunting, gathering medicinal, religious ceremony called Punen Puliaijat. To cure the sick is used the way of sikerei to call spirits.

Taikako Village
Other village where where people still maintain the tradition is in Taikako, located in the Regency of North Pagai and south Pagai. At the other cultures in the Mentawai's interacted with the immigrant cultures, Taikako village authenticity like a tattoo that adorned the body.

Siberut National Park
Explore the forest, past the paths in the Siberut National Park with the extraordinary natural phenomenon. A variety of endemic wildlife such as monkeys, squirrels, raccoons, rats, snakes, turtles can be found in this forest, as well as orchids, orchids, carrion flower (Rafflesia) and aloes wood.

Rua Oinan Lake
Located in the middle of the woods in the Saumanganyak hamled surrounded by large trees that can be used as an export commodity in the form of processed wood. Communities around the lake planting sago tree around the lake.

Bat Soumang Waterfall
It is interesting to visit, although still very natural and lack of equipped facilities and the water is quite heavy and dangerous. But for the true adventurer location surrounded by large forests and wood cane is ideal for rafting sport. Location of the waterfall is not far from the hamled of Bulasat.

Nyang Nyang Island
Located in South Siberut district allegedly by local and international surfers who've come to this island, the world's highest elevation waves that reached 4 meters. Nyang Nyang Island can be taken two hours by speed boat from the capital district. Another area that the waves reached a height that is between 3-4 meters Mapaddegat, Masosiu about 1-4 meters, Masokut Pototogat approximately 1-4 meters and 2-3 meters which is located in the Village Katurei. Here are a sufficient homestay for tourists.

Karamajat Island
It lies still in the village of Katurei, the waves also reached 2-4 meters and is known as a very long roll of waves. In these places also available lodging/homestay afloat.

Koroniki Island
About an hour away by speedboat from the capital district. Like Nyang Nyang Island which has a high roller. But the island is rocky and sea base also has steep cliffs become an attraction for the sport of rock climbing. Houses of local people can be a lodging for travelers coming.

Awera Island
The island is also for maritime tourism activities. Being right in front of The Capital city, Tua Pejat. This beautiful place is suitable for snorkeling and diving to see the natural beauty under the sea.

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