Agam Regency

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Maninjau Lake
Located about 38 km from Bukittinggi, Maninjau Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in West Sumatra. This lake has a length of 17 km and width of about 8 km. Travel down the hill to the edge of the lake really is an unforgettable experience. Winding road in a sharp downhill, not less than 44 turns must be passed before reaching the edge of the Lake. The surface of Maninjau lake located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, so the air is pretty cool.

Puncak Lawang
Located at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level. From here we can look beautiful panorama of Maninjau Lake. At the moment Puncak Lawang is one of the best locations for paragliding in West Sumatra because the wind speed is relatively stable, even in this place ever held an international paragliding event.

Buya Hamka births house
Buya Hamka is one of the great science in Indonesia in philosophy, literature, history, sociology and politics. Buya Hamka was born in Sungai Batang village, Muaro Pauh Tanjung Raya subdistrict. In a simple house built in 1908 is Buya Hamka was born. Now this historic building used as a museum Buya Hamka births house.

Rafting at Antokan’s River
Antokan’s river located approximately 3 km from Maninjau Lake, at the village of Lubuk Sao, Tanjung Jaya Subdistrict. In this river the tourist can have Rafting Tours. Starting Point will be done at this village.

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