West Sumatera

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West Sumatra, is one of the provinces in Indonesia, which consists of several cities and regency. West Sumatera has a stunning natural beauty and diversity of unique cultures and traditions are still preserved. Hill and the wilderness will be found throughout the region. Even when we was in the middle of the city though. Such as Padang, which is the provincial capital. Because of the many hill West Sumatera is often also referred to as the region with a long mountain chain.

Geographically, the location of West Sumatra is not so far from the country of Malaysia and Singapore. The existence of a direct flight to Minangkabau International Airport, Padang, West Sumatra; make travel by airplane to Padang more easily accessible by tourists who are in these countries. Whereas, if flight route from Jakarta, to Padang only takes no more than 1.5 hours.

As one of the main destinations of tourists visiting Indonesia, they should if West Sumatera to get a promotion with a sufficient portion, like the famous tourist attraction in the country. With a territory that has a stunning natural beauty, it is actually a plus to promote Tourism in West Sumatra. But what a shame it is still much potential untapped, and attention.

Last the author worked in the sphere of tourism in Sawahlunto, a town in West Sumatra. In this case the capacity of observer that the author is trying to make a little review of tourism in West Sumatra, especially, Sawahlunto. The author hopes this blog can help recognition to the tourism of West Sumatera in general and especially tourism of Sawahlunto city.

Finally this blog is expected as little help of curiosity to anyone who wants to visit West Sumatra.

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