North and South Pagai

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Silabu and Pittoijat
Being in the North and South Pagai district who known as the Cape Sinai with high waves also hit a 4-meter. This location can be reached by speed boat from the capital district around 3-4 hours. In South Pagai seen precisely in the hamlet Sabbiret Pittoijat island. The waves are high and a separate location with a residential population to make tourists comfortable and feel at home surfing here.

Sibigeu Bay
Is not far from Pittoijat, only 15 minutes by speed boat. In the big wave season, The bay called by the local people is Bagat Simarabuk also much visited by foreign tourists.

Sinakak Bay
If you choose the best place to enjoy the sunset in Mentawai islands, you lead to Sinakak bay. The bay located at the Sinanak village can be reached 3 hours by speedboat from the district and there is also islands that can become a place of recreation with the family for its beautiful beaches and white sand.

Siruso Island
Also frequently visited for family recreation cause has clear sea, beaches with white sand perfect for swimming all day. At this island not available lodging/guest house for the tourist.

Bulasat beach
Bulasat Beach which is located in Bulasat beach also has white sand. Many local tourists visit primarily on religious holidays. Although a bit far from the old districts with the travel 2.5 hours but can be achieved cars or motor vehicles through the beautiful hills and watching the garden and enjoy the green patchouli, durian fruit or young coconut peddled along the coast.

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