Solok Regency

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Danau Diatas(Upper Lake)
Located in the Valley Lembah Gumanti district in the highlands of Alahan Panjang. The location about 33 km east of Solok Regency, On the street to Muaro Labuh from Kayu Aro. The lake about 17,19 ha is surrounded by agricultural land such as horticulture, vegetables, fruits like Passion. The trip to this tourist area can be taken less than 1 hour of Kayu Aro and 1.5 hours from Padang. Along the way to the object of this tour pass through the beautiful of tea plantations.

Danau Dibawah (Under Lake)
Has a width of about 16.83 ha, and its position is 1 km south of Danau Diatas (Upper Lake), almost the same size with the Upper Lake and the location close to each other, that's why the Upper lake and Under lake is known as the Twin Lakes.

Danau Talang (Talang Lake)
This tourism object is located in subdistrict of Lembang Jaya, located approximately 2 km from Twins Lake. The lake is situated at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level, is flanked by hills with a calm and cool. For nature lovers hiking enthusiasts Can be walking from Alahan Panjang or from the Twin Lakes within one hour by foot or it could be through the tea plantations of PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VI with the same time.

Singkarak Lake
Located about 10 km from the town of Solok. The lake is located at main road of Sumatra to Solok - Bukittinggi who down nearly half the outskirts of the Lake. The extent of approximately 1.129,29 hectares. It is the largest lake in West Sumatra and the second one after Lake Toba, North Sumatra. The lake is situated at an altitude of 362.5 m above sea level has a unique fish species that lives only in this lake, the local people call it “bilih” (Mystacoleuseus Padangensis). This unique fish can not be cultivated outside of its habitat. This fish is much used as a source of livelihood of fishermen around the lake. Beside that this lake also used as a source of Water Power (hydropower).

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