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Adityarman Museum
Located in the middle of the city of Padang, precisely at Diponegoro Street 10. The museum is built in a traditional Minangkabau house and is equipped with two rice barns in front of him. The museum has a collection of goods pre-history, antiques such as ceramics, old records historic, ethnographic displays Minangkabau and Mentawaiculture, and historical objects other with an explanation of regional culture. In this museum there are also knick knacks and an explanation of marriage and burial traditions of Minang community and other life activities.

An old town area called “ Chinatown” is located on the south side of the business and commercial center of Padang. In this Chinatown tourists will find old houses owned by Chinese families who built early last century.

Pantai Air Manis (Malin Kundang Stone)
Located about 4 km towards the south from Mount Padang. This beach is famous for the Legend of Malin Kundang story, the story of a boy who succeed in other region but when he returned home he would not recognize his poor mother because of embarrassment, until finally he cursed his mother into stone.

Bungus Beach
Located 25 km south of the city of Padang. This place can be reached by public transport from Padang for about 45 minutes. Bungus beach is located on a beautiful bay with calm seawater. From Bungus beach tourists can rent a boat to go to some coral islands which is about an hour from the beach Bungus. The islands here have white sandy beaches punctuated with rocks on the beach. Tourist can beach combing at the island.

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