Tanah Datar Regency

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Batusangkar located about 41 km southeast of Bukittinggi, Batusangkar is the largest and most important city in Tanah Datar Regency, which is a traditional center of Minangkabau culture for hundreds of years. Megalit stones of human heritage thousands of years ago mostly found in the area located in the south and east of Mount Merapi. Minangkabau kingdom once controlled this area of Tanah Datar for 500 years before it was destroyed by the Padri in the early 19th century.

The Fort of Van Der Cappellen
The fort of Dutch heritage was built in 1821 and became the center of the Dutch defense as against the Padri.

Pagaruyung Palace (Before the Fire)
The palace is of the best tourist destination in West Sumatera, is always included in the itinerary of all travel agents in West Sumatra who offered to the tourist. This palace is shaped building custom homes minang with a very large size and buffalo horn-shaped roof that curved tapering upwards. Middle room of the palace refuted by a long pole is decorated with various colorful long cloth. This huge palace almost all have a crooked pole and this is contrary to the existing architectural theory, but in fact this court is very solid, strong and long-lived. Floor of the Palace exhibition of historical objects such as ceramics Pagaruyung royal heritage and various handicraft items from Minang. The background of the palace by panoramic mountain which is the Youngest teen tourist facilities is perfect for camping and hiking.
Unfortunately, however, on Tuesday, on February 27, 2007 around 19:00 this palace burnt by lightning grabbed one gonjong (buffalo horn roof). Palace which was built as a duplicate of the royal palace in Silindung Bulan Pagaruyung was built in 1976 in Pagaruyung. At this time the Palace is still in development stage again.

Big House of Balimbing
An old building which has more than 300 years with the construction of buildings without a nail. Most of these buildings has not been updated both in terms of structure and building materials.

Batu Angkek-angkek
Assessed the local community as a stone that has supernatural powers. It is believed the community as a test whether a desire or goal will be granted or not. This way if the stone could be appointed, that desire will be granted, if not lifted mean the desire does not come true. There was a big man but could not lift this rock, and some people oddly smaller entities can to lift this stone.

Inscribe Stone
Is a large stone that has made history as a proved that Adityawarman be king in "Golden Land" of Sumatra.

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